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Bird's Nest On The Go Series

Online Price: RM 23.58

* Price shown are not include GST

At Lo Hong Ka, we make handcrafted cooked bird’s nest from scratch with the best possible ingredients sourced to achieve fresh, nutritious and delicious bird’s nest.

Lo Hong Ka Bird’s Nest Drinks On The Go allow everyone to have bird’s nest everyday so that you can experience and see the benefits of its nutrients. Everything takes time to see its results and that is what this series of drinks are about. The misunderstood myths about bird’s nest are that it is too expensive and not many people can afford to eat it everyday.

Lo Hong Ka is here to clear the air. It is affordable and possible to eat bird’s nest everyday, anywhere at anytime because we have done the hard part of cleaning and cooking it. We promise your body and skin will thank you for it!

Bird's Nest On The Go is available in 3 delicious and nutritional flavors
  • GLOW Red Date
  • BALANCE Honey
  • POWER Ginseng
Gentle Reminder:
Once product received :
1) Please unpack/unwrap from the wrappings (bubble bag and box).
2) Keep refrigerate at chilled compartment approximately at 4° C.
3) Avoid direct sunlight or extreme hot area.

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