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Cave Bird's Nest - CBN 220g

Retail Price: RM 120.75

Online Price: RM 96.60

 * Price shown are not include GST

A delicious combination of Bird’s Nest, Cordyceps Essence, Sea cucumber Extract and Agaricus (Brazil Mushroom). Perfect as a dessert or snack to be shared alone or with loved ones!

Bird’s Nest
Promote smooth and radiant skin
Reduce pigmentation
Delay aging
Strengthen body’s immune system
Improve the production of collagen

improve breathing patterns
strengthen immune system
improve concentration & stamina levels

Sea cucumber
reduce joint pains
improve blood circulation

Agaricus (Brazil Mushroom)
enhance the immune system
to promote digestion
improve the body’s circulatory system

All Natural Food, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Bleach, No Coloring.
Suitable for all ages.

Remarks:Online order only available deliver to West Malaysia.

Gentle Reminder:
Once parcel received which contains our Fresh & Natural Bird’s Nest series:
1) Please unpack/unwrap from the wrappings (bubble bag and box).
2) Keep refrigerate at chilled compartment approximately at 4° C.
3) Avoid direct sunlight or extreme hot area.

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