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White Bird’s Nest


Product Benefits:

  1. Reinforcing energy & stamina
  2. Strengthening immune system
  3. Promote youthful & radiant skin


Net weight: 150g


From our premium range and delivered in a beautiful design, this elixir unites modern technology with tradition to revitalise tired and dull skin. Its high protein and mineral content leaves your skin looking luminous and soft. Perfect as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself!

How do I store Lo Hong Ka Semi Concentrate Bird's Nest and how to consume?

  1. Use a clean and dry spoon.
  2. One teaspoon in the morning and night before bed. (Best on an empty stomach)
  3. Close tightly after consumption.
  4. Consume within 7 days once bottle is open.
*Keep refrigerated at chilled compartment approximately at 2- 4° C


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