[WhatsApp Order] I918 CNY Brilliant Fortune Hamper


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Hamper Contents (value worth RM6474.30):

  • JYNNS Crown Supreme Bird’s Nest – Korean Ginseng 150ml x 3 Bottles 金氏一品燕韩国高丽参精华
  • JYNNS Youfinity Bird’s Nest with Golden Cliff Honey 金氏黄金崖蜜冻龄燕 85ml x 3 Bottles
  • Yan Zhan x 5 Pcs 精选燕盏
  • JYNNS Youfinity Golden Me-Yan Bird’s Nest x 5 Pcs 金氏金丝冻龄密燕
  • JYY Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng and Cordyceps 金牌泡参虫草鸡精 70ml x 3 Bottles
  • JYNNS Superior Australia Wild Abalone (Large) 425g x 1 Tin 金氏特选澳洲野生鲍鱼 (巨型)
  • JYNNS Premium King Abalone in Signature Sauce 425g x 1 Tin 金氏特选皇金鲍
  • JYNNS Premium Braised Abalone Japanese Species (8-10pcs) 425g x 2 Tins 金氏日本红烧鲍鱼(8-10头)
  • Wild Ginseng Gift Box x 1 Box 野生长白山人参精品礼盒装
  • Premium Cordyceps Sinensis Gift Box 8pcs x 1 Box 精选冬虫夏草礼盒
  • Premium Fish Maw Gift Box x 1 Box 精选花胶礼盒
  • Selected Scallop x 6 Pcs 严选干贝
  • Snow Fungus 30g 天山雪耳
  • Graded Cordyceps Flower 30g x 1 特级黄金虫草花
  • Ginseng Candy 50g x2 高丽人参糖
  • Martell Cognac XO 700ml x 1
  • Napoleon V Marengo Supreme XO Brandy 350ml x 1
    ( Shine Through the Lunar New Year)

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