Lo Hong Ka Dry Gold Bird’s Nest (Medium)


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This overachieving gift from nature is not just for beautiful skin but it provides full-body benefits that include immune system and overall wellness support. This range is for those who love the art of cooking and making everything from scratch.

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Product Descriptions

Lo Hong Ka concentrated bird’s nest all-natural ingredients, is best in promoting collagen production for your skin, delaying aging and helps with your skin problems. Long-term consumption of the Lo Hong Ka concentrated bird’s nest can refresh your immune system, nourishes yin energy, keep skin tender and radiant

Classic Bird’s Nest Soup with Rock Sugar

You will need: Bird’s Nest, Red Dates and Rock Sugar

Duration: 3 hours or less

Step 1: Soak the bird’s nest in clean water overnight or at least a few hours. The water will soften and expand the bird’s nest and make the cleaning process easier. Change the water at least twice during this duration.

Step 2: Using tweezers, pick and remove any impurities. Transfer the cleaned bird’s nest into another bowl with water, and repeat this process 2-3 times until the nests are clean.

Step 3: Rinse away any excess dirt. Soak in hot water for a few minutes and drain. After this, gently pat dry to remove excess water.

Step 4: Add enough water to cover the ingredients and let it cook in the slow cooker for 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Usually, it takes about an hour but you might prefer it to be softer and so forth.

Step 5: Turn off heat and add desired amounts of rock sugar or raw honey. Enjoy!

How to Store
recommended to be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture.
Soaking Time
1-2 hours, use only cold water
Suitable For
Females: Beautiful skin, anti-aging, and reduction of pigmentation

Expectant Mothers: Enhance the immunity of the fetus and mother and quicker recovery time.

Kids: Promotes brain growth, boosts the immune system, stimulates growth, and reduces the risk of illness.

Elderly: Relieves cough and phlegm, strengthen immune function, postpones aging, and prolongs the life

Males: Strengthens the kidney & lung, improves physical strength, and invigorate the body.

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