Lo Hong Ka Imperial Bird’s Nest Gift Box 100ml x 6btls


Lo Hong Ka Bird’s Nest is high in protein and mineral content. This product is individually bottled and packaged, combined with rock sugar, no artificial colorings and preservatives, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

Product Benefits:

  • stronger immune system
  • reinforces energy
  • regenerate the production of collagen

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Product Descriptions

Lo Hong Ka bird’s nest contained all-natural ingredients and is best in promoting collagen production for your skin, delaying aging, and helping with your skin problems. Long-term consumption of the Lo Hong Ka bird’s nest can refresh your immune system, nourishes yin energy, keep skin tender and radiant

How to Store & How to Consume?
Keep refrigerated at chilled compartment approximately at 2- 4° C (please unpack/unwrap the bubble wrap)
When & how much bird’s nest should be taken in a day?
Bird’s nests must be taken on an empty stomach, around two teaspoons (15 grams). Like all products, you need at least 3 months to see and feel the amazing results in your body and skin.
Suitable For
Females: Beautiful skin, anti-aging, and reduction of pigmentation

Expectant Mothers: Enhance the immunity of the fetus and mother and quicker recovery time.

Kids: Promotes brain growth, boosts the immune system, stimulates growth, and reduces the risk of illness.

Elderly: Relieves cough and phlegm, strengthen immune function, postpones aging, and prolongs the life

Males: Strengthens the kidney & lung, improves physical strength, and invigorate the body.

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