I922 Infinite Blessings Gift Bag


Retail Price = RM268

Gift Bag Contents (value worth RM332.60):

  • LO HONG KA Premium Stewed Snow Pear with Tremella x 1 Bottle 老行家天山雪梨炖雪耳
  • LO HONG KA Ginseng Essence with Black Dates x 3 Bottles 老行家黑枣人参精华
  • LO HONG KA Multiflora Wild Honey x 1 Bottle 老行家野山百花蜜
  • LO HONG KA Premium Braised Abalone Japanese Species (8-10pcs) 425g x 1 Tin 老行家日本红烧鲍鱼(8-10头)
  • Premium Mushroom 80g x 1 Box 顶级花菇
  • Feranttino Aceto Balsamico 375ml x 1 Bottle
  • Wonder Enzymes x 1 Box

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